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Carolina Aveiga, Ecuador: I don’t know what happened there, but after that she left the sanctuary jumping for joy.

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It’s obvious and normal to suffer because of being separated physically, but over time one begins to understand why the Lord allows that type of suffering.

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Carolina Aveiga, Chone, Ecuador: I remember Mayra talking with a transcendent smile.

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To be honest I miss her a ton, but it makes me very happy to know that, by God’s mercy, I will see her one day.


Guadalupe Cedeño Ruiz , Ecuador:  She was a huge help for me a few days before the earthquake.

Erika with the girls and candidates

Erika Moreira, Ecuador:  Mayra always had a great trust in the Lord, at all times. When she had problems at home, she always told us: "The Lord has to help me; it is His duty," and then she laughed.


Guadalupe Cedeno Ruiz, Ecuador:  Some of the girls that attend the meetings presently come thanks to her. Well, thanks to her chocolate cake, but the important thing is that now they’re in the group, and because of Mayra.

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Guadalupe Cedeno Ruiz, Ecuador:  She used to say that it was a time in which she gave Our Lord everything, everything. She gave everything up for Him, and it was noticeable.

Mayra y la hna. Leti

Guadalupe Cedeno Ruiz, Ecuador:  Even though she might have been feeling badly because of [her struggles with] her vocation and not responding to it, she would always help you with so much joy if she noticed that you were not doing well, and would encourage you a lot.

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Domenica Salazar, Ecuador:  I felt as if she were my sister. I felt that I had to be the same way with others, and that each member of the community should do the same. I was impressed by how generous she was.

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Sr. Ruby Molayal, Chicago, USA:  They were always joyful and ready to serve.

María Jessenia Salvatierra Molina, Ecuador:

mayra jesseniaI was always impressed by the strength she had to fight until the end and always be faithful


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