Mayra Alejandra Alcívar

Ecuador - 2013

My name is Mayra Alejandra Alcívar.  I’m 18 years old and in March 2013 I’m going to do my college entrance exams.  I live in Chone, Ecuador.

I met the Home three years ago.  One of the girls from the group named Candi, who is now a candidate of the Servant Sisters, invited me to come to one of the meetings which the Home has on Sunday afternoons in the Servant Sisters’ house.

I entered the Home because I felt that I was called to.  The Lord has given me this beautiful vocation and Our Lady wanted me to form part of her Gift.  I have to admit that in the beginning, what most attracted me was that after the meeting we played a lot, but God uses everything.


The Home has helped me to overcome my weaknesses, to gain strength to fight against them, to recognize my misery, and to make and effort to be faithful every day.  Finally, to want to lead a life guided by God and by Our Lady.  

I want to say to the young people who read this, ‘never leave the Lord!’

Look at the Cross. It was to save you and me.  He did it for Love, and now he asks us to respond the same way. “Deny yourself, take up your cross of every day and follow me.”  May the Blessed Virgin Mary always be your Mother, Model, and Teacher.

“Young people, be joyful in Christ.”



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