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Learn to Listen With the Ears of Your Heart

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Cristobal Ramon Beltran Zambrano, Ecuador:  Since that moment our friendship grew more. When we could, we shared our experiences of our callings.

Cristobal Ramon Beltran Zambrano met Maria Augusta when she was studying medicine in Portoviejo. In this article, he tells us Maria Augusta’s reaction when Cristobal told her that he was going to enter in the seminary and the advice she gave him.

I met Maria Augusta when she was completing her studies for medicine. We shared the experience of working to build the Kingdom of God.

One day, Magu commented her joy to me because she was going to enter to form a part of the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother. She told me with so much joy that I could only smile. Afterwards, I remained speechless while she showed her love for Our Holy Mother to serve better as a doctor and religious sister. When I could speak, I said to her, “Magu, count on my prayers.”

On certain occasions, we got together to be able to go to Mass after classes or in the morning. She lived the moment of the consecration with a complete surrender as well as the moment of personal prayer with the Most Holy Sacrament. 

One morning in December, after having made a visit to the Most Holy Sacrament in the Chapel of the Tabernacle (in Portoviejo) with Magu, I told her that I was going to ingress in the Saint Peter Seminary of Portoviejo. She asked me happily, “Do you remember when I told you that Christ loved you and that He was calling you to serve?” “Yes,” I responded joyfully. She continued, “Well, now I don’t only tell you that, but I also tell you: Learn to listen with the ears of your heart and let yourself be guided. Count on my prayers.” Since that moment our friendship grew more. When we could, we shared our experiences of our callings. You have to serve joyfully.


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