Karolina con las chicas y las hermanas

Karolina Vera, Playa Prieta, Ecuador:They were truly HAPPY. I can vouch for it.

Karolina Vera is a member of the Home of the Mother in Playa Prieta, Ecuador, and was (and continues to be) an intimate friend of the candidates’ and girls’ who passed away in the earthquake there on April 16, 2016. Karolina tells us with tears about our dear sisters’ last week, of which she was a privileged witness.

Maria Augusta, Mayra, Catalina, Valeria, and Jazmina were very hard-working. When the sisters asked them for help, whether it was to clean the school, paint, or whatever, they were always there, ready to help. I loved that. That’s why I spent a lot of time with them.

The last week of their life, which was the week of the flood, they gave of themselves completely. They gave everything in spite of the physical tiredness that it required. They were truly HAPPY. I can vouch for it. They didn’t tell me. I lived it with them and with those who survived the earthquake. They were the happiest days of my life and I thank God for the opportunity He gave me to experience that.


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