Laura Dalla Nora

Laura Dalla Nora:  I could see my own calling reflected in their smile, and I re-lived the joy of my first “yes” to Jesus.

Laura Dalla Nora is an Italian consecrated lay woman in the community of the “Missionary Daughters of Faith.” She has been a missionary in Ecuador for three years in the parish of San Mateo, Manta. She met Mayra, Jazmina, and Maria Augusta on National Youth Day in 2015. She felt identified with them, and is convinced that they still “work together.”

When I found out about the tragic death of Jazmina, Mayra, and Maria Augusta, I complained a little to God. “With such a lack of vocations," I thought, "why did He take three postulants, a professed sister, and two aspirants? Wouldn’t they have been more useful here on earth?”

Then some of my memories of them came to mind…not many. I met Jazmina, Mayra, and Maria Augusta in 2015 at my parish, San Mateo, in Manta, Ecuador. They came to work as volunteers in the NYD (National Youth Day). I had the opportunity share a little with them, above all with Jazmina and Mayra, the enthusiasm for religious life, the beauty of being Jesus’ spouses and of living one’s life completely for Him and for others. I could see my own calling reflected in their smile, and I re-lived the joy of my first “yes” to Jesus.

During the days of NYD, the girls worked with a lot of enthusiasm and love. They never complained about the work, the heat, or the unpredictable things that happen when you are organizing an event with 300 young people. Whenever they had a free moment, they would go to the church to be with Jesus. They prayed so that during the NYD other young people would hear Jesus’ voice and follow Him as they had done.

Despite the age difference between the girls (24 years old) and myself (45 years old), I felt a strong spiritual communion with them. It is so strong that now, after their death, I pray to them for many things, especially those that have to do with my apostolate here at San Mateo and the association of consecrated women that I belong to. I believe that there can be communion among different charisms. It is the strength of the Church here on earth and between heaven and earth. That is what I experience now with Jazmina and Mayra: we still work together for the Kingdom of God and for vocations. Thank you.


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