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Maria Augusta own words regarding the summer camp that changed her life.

In March 2009, the Home of the Mother organized the first summer camp in Ecuador. This camp changed Maria Augusta’s life. She was only 16 years old. Not long after the camp, Maria Augusta wrote this short testimony that was published in the number 149 (July/August 2009) of the HM Magazine. It is beautiful to see how she herself explains what happened to her in that important moment in her life.

This encounter has been a great grace for me. I have discovered so many things, and I have found the meaning of my life: God. 

I entered as an expert in the Home of the Mother, and I have decided to seriously fulfill my commitment. 

I am very thankful to God for having allowed me to live this experience that has helped me to know him more and to change my life. Now I am trying to put what I’ve learned into practice, and I hope, with the help of God and Our Mother, to be good, like they are.

Maria Augusta Munoz


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