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Look at the Cross and Accompany the Lord Alone There

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Be holy. Make an effort to reach Jesus’ Heart. Never want to leave it.

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Elaine Zambrano is part of the Home of the Mother Youth group in Chone, Ecuador. She knew Jazmina from the time they were both young girls because they lived close to each other. Jazmina wrote this letter to her during a pilgrimage that the girls went on in 2015.

“Your fidelity is strength for those whom you love.”

I once asked the Lord what about me was pleasing to Him, and He answered, “That you do my will.” Now I know that He is happy with me, and that makes me very happy.

Your vocation is Love. Love Him and no one else. He is the treasure that it is worth fighting, running and winning for.

Be holy. Make an effort to reach Jesus’ Heart. Never want to leave it.

Ask Our Mother to help you live as He desires and to be faithful until the end.

Let yourself be helped and guided. Give Him your heart.

Be brave and ask Jesus what He wants of you. Then ask for the grace to fulfill what He asks of you. Please, don’t turn back.

Take courage! Look at the Cross and accompany the Lord alone there.

Don’t be afraid, little one. God loves you as the smallest of His children.

Jaz, SHM


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