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Be Faithful and Be Holy!

A letter from Jazmina to a member of the Home of the Mother:

carta anonimoBe faithful and be holy! Keep up the good work! The fight is important, but our destination is even greater: Heaven forever!

Letter written by Jazmina to a member of Home of the Mother of the Youth, on November 23, 2015

Dearest XXXXXX!

There’s always time for friends, but even more for the Sisters…Ha, ha, ha! Just kidding! Whatever God wants!

I hope you’re being generous with the Lord and giving Him everything He asks of you. That way your love will reciprocal. Pray for me, that I can always be generous and faithful with my future SPOUSE. I WILL BE THE SPOUSE OF THE CRUCIFIED LORD!

Be faithful and be holy! Keep up the good work! The fight is important, but our destination is even greater: Heaven forever!

Thanks for praying for my mom, that she can be holy. Help the girls. Help them to get back up on their feet. I think I told you one day how the Lord has a lot of confidence in you. It’s true and never second guess it. Keep going! Don’t give up the fight and keep up the work entrusted to you by God and by your sisters in the Home of the Mother!

I am sending you a holy card for you to meditate on. Give a hug to all the girls for me. Tell them to be good, because it’s worth it.

Tell A that we love her so much and hope she’ll keep strong. Tell her that the Lord assigns crosses to us according to what our soul can carry.

Tell B that only the person with “a crazy love”, capable of doing everything her King asks of her, is worthy of Him.

Tell C that I hope she writes. Give her my e-mail address and tell her that the Lord wants her to be holy. “Either saints or swine – there’s no middle ground.” Keep on fighting! Don’t stain your soul with the filth of this world. Live in grace every day, because you never know when the Muslims might come and cut off your head! Ha, ha, ha!

Tell D to safe keep what she knows as a treasure. Tell her that we’re praying a lot for her. Tell her to look at Our Lady and imitate her.

Anyways, XXXX, there are so many things I’d like to tell you that I could spend the entire day writing. But, you know how it is… We have to live an ordered life. I’m on my way to Mass now. Pray for me, that I can be a holy Servant Sister.




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