Sr. Ruby, USA:

H RubyShe was always thinking in the needs of others.

Gema Rodríguez, Ecuador:

Gema RodriguezNever distance yourself from the Home of the Mother. Our Lady loves you and does not want you to distance yourself from Her or from Her Son.”

Mercedes Vergara Espinoza, Ecuador:

mercedes choneI could see how helpful she was and how she always smiled.

Karolina Vera, Ecuador:

karolina veraFor Catalina, the most important things of each day were the rosary, Mass, and prayer time.

Gema Menéndez, Ecuador:

gema menendezWhen I first met her, it was as if I felt that Our Lady wanted Catalina to be totally hers.

Sister Kelly Pezo, USA:

hna kellypezo"When she was around there was always laughter and true joy."

Cristina Pinargote, Ecuador:

cristina pinargote"She always tried to do things well, and in the proper manner."

Aura Cristina:

auracristinadeverdadCatalina let herself be loved by the Lord

Carolina Aveiga, Ecuador:

carolina aveiga"Her willingness to help, her joy as she gave of herself, was truly something that transcended."


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