Saturday, 07 May 2016 00:47

No One Could Stop Her!

Aura Cristina:

auracristinadeverdadCatalina let herself be loved by the Lord

Aura belongs to the Home of the Mother of the Youth and she is from Ecuador. She knew Sr. Clare and the 5 candidates well.

Catalina let herself be loved by the Lord and after a short time of getting to know Him she started going to daily Mass. Not long after, she moved to the Residence for university students. I fondly remember how we helped her move things from her house to the Residence. She was so happy to be living with the girls, even though before she moved in she had already spent the majority of her time there. Catalina always made us laugh with her jokes. Whenever we were tired Catalina always continued giving of herself. No one could stop her!


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