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She was always thinking in the needs of others

Sr. Ruby, USA:

H RubyShe was always thinking in the needs of others.

Sr. Ruby is from Illinois, USA.  She is currently a novice in Zurita (Spain).

I shared a room with Catalina for a few days when the entire community (Sisters and Candidates) from Jacksonville went to Ecuador this past Christmas. It was my first time in Ecuador, so I met practically everyone there for the first time.  Getting to know Catalina was a lot of fun. She was very outgoing, generous, and thoughtful. She loved to tell jokes and make others laugh. She could even make us laugh with her gestures.

She had this funny jokester side of her, but she had a beautiful interior life as well. She understood the communion of saints very well. She saw saints as they are: living, intercessors, friends, confidants, and helpers. Her room in the Resi had quotes from many different saints and she spoke about them often, especially right before we went to sleep. She had a particular devotion to her namesake, St. Catherine of Siena. St. Catherine’s intense and whole-hearted love for the Lord was something Catalina tried to emulate in her daily life.  

It was a joy to be around her. I’ll always be grateful to God for the experience of spending Christmas 2015 in Ecuador with my sisters.   


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