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She Carried God in her Heart

Mercedes Vergara Espinoza, Ecuador:

mercedes choneI could see how helpful she was and how she always smiled.

Mercedes Vergara Espinoza is from Chone (Ecuador) and met Catalina in the Holy Week Encounter 2016.

hna clare con brandy camp

Holy Week Encounter 2016 in Manabí

Hello everyone, I would like to share a memory that I have of Catalina.

It was this year during the Holy Week Encounter.  Catalina had an amazing joy!

I arrived at the Holy Week Encounter on the night of Good Friday.  The truth is that I didn’t go with a very good attitude.  The devil did not want me to live this Holy Week well.  During dinner, I met a girl that really impressed me a lot.  I could see how helpful she was and how she always smiled. She smiled at me, even though she didn’t even know me. It was Catalina.

The next morning she came up to me, full of joy, she said good morning and encouraged me to live Holy Week the best I could.  In the afternoon, she saw me and noticed that I was a little sad. At dinner, she sat next to me, and without even asking me what was wrong, she started to tell me a bunch of jokes to make me smile.  Then she told me a little bit about her family.  To me, she seemed like a girl that was totally surrendered to God’s Will.

She didn’t notice, but that night she helped me a lot.  Just with her own way of being, God answered my questions.  When you have God in your heart, your life shows it, and that’s when you can be an instrument of God for other souls. 

Catalina had God in her heart and He filled her with true joy!

Thanks to her I was able to live the Holy Week Encounter the way God wanted me to.  The last time I saw her, she gave me a hug and encouraged me to continue forward. Her contagious joy made me experience God’s presence in her life.  I will never forget her.


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