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Her Eyes Were Fixed on Heaven

Gema Menéndez, Ecuador:

gema menendezWhen I first met her, it was as if I felt that Our Lady wanted Catalina to be totally hers.

Gema Menéndez is from Manabí (Ecuador) and is a candidate of the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother. She shared many moments with our sisters who have died in the earthquake during the last years.

I met Catalina in a very special way. I will never forget it. When I first met her, it was as if I felt that Our Lady wanted Catalina to be totally hers. This is how it all happened. I was in Holy Spirit Parish in Portoviejo. When Mass ended, I looked behind me and felt very strongly that Our Lady said to me, “Go talk to that girl.” But since I am really shy, I didn’t do it at that moment, but I said to Our Lady that if I saw her again, I would talk to her and invite her to the meetings that we have for young people at the university. I ran into her at the bus stop a few days later and had the chance to talk to her.

Since the moment she met the Lord, she never stopped wanting to know Him more and more, to the point of changing her life completely and wanting to give herself entirely to Him. Catalina was a girl who fell in love with Jesus; she hurled herself into His arms and He purified her through the Sacraments of Confession and the Eucharist. I would describe her as a cheerful girl. She had a great sense of humor and told lots of jokes to make people laugh. She had a deep love for Jesus in the Eucharist, and she had a very close mother-daughter relationship with Our Lady.

Ever since her conversion, her eyes were fixed on Heaven, because she had such a strong desire to see those who had captivated her heart: Our Lord and Mary, Our Mother. 


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