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Gema Vergara:  You could tell that in her life, God was always “her All.”

gemitaGemita Dayana Vergara belongs to the Home of the Mother Youth group in Chone, Ecuador. She admired Catalina’s integrity. The last time she saw Catalina, a peculiar thought came to her mind.

Catalina was a huge example for me. In the short time that I knew her, I learned a lot from her. You could tell that in her life, God was always “her All.” She was thoughtful, kind, cheerful, generous, and desirous to give more of herself to others. She reflected a great calmness and had a strong love towards the Virgin Mary and Our Lord. She was radiant every time she spoke of them.

The last time I saw her was a Sunday, a month before her death, during a Home of the Mother group meeting for girls. When she saw me, she gave me a big hug and said that she was very happy to see me. I noticed that she was very different in regard to her life with God. I had never seen her so happy as I did that time. A crazy idea came to my mind: “Catalina is already well prepared to go meet the ones she loves so much.” This idea came to me because we were talking about a very important topic. She spoke very assuredly with her rosary in her hand and with her sense of humor. I liked listening to her opinion and didn’t want her to stop talking, because she really did live what she said. She was a very coherent person in regard to her Faith.

We will remember Catalina for having given her nothing for Everything in the Home of the Mother Youth, for wanting to please God in the smallest things, and for being a gift for Our Blessed Mother.


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