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Cata taught me that I had to smile, even on bad days.

Everyone who knew Catalina confirms that she was a pleasant person. One of her friends writes to us about one of Catalina’s “ideas” during a pilgrimage that the Home of the Mother Youth made to Cajas in Cuenca, Ecuador.

The sisters asked us to write about some of our experiences with the girls and Sr. Clare… I have many beautiful and funny memories…I hope that this is useful!

Just thinking about Catalina brings a smile to my face. The thing is …who didn’t she make smile with her “ideas”? I have a funny memory of her. Towards the end of October 2015, we went on a pilgrimage to Cajas in Cuenca, Ecuador. One afternoon, we got off the bus to eat lunch and we sat in a park to eat our sandwiches. Later on, when we had finished, we went to sit by another girl who was on a bench a bit farther away from where everyone else was. Catalina arrived and sat down with us. Some small dogs were hanging around because they could smell our food. Catalina and I saw them and felt bad for them. You could tell that they were hungry. I told Catalina to give them some of our bread. One of the dogs moved his tail excitedly, showing that he was happy and …bam! One of the sisters caught us. Cata and I said, “They're hungry, too.” In the end, the sisters allowed us to give the dogs some food. 

After that, Catalina and I jokingly decided to start a foundation for animals. We would pick up all the stray dogs that we found and would take care of them. We were going to call the foundation “BowWay” because Catalina always said, “Que guay!” [Cool!] when she liked something or thought it was cool. We told one of the sisters, who said, “But there are so many children on the street…why not help them?” So we decided that we would also take care of the children on the street, and we would give a dog to each one of them…

Cata taught me that I had to smile, even on bad days. She told me to invite more girls to the group and to persevere because that is what makes Our Lady happy… She always said goodbye with a hug, saying,“Pilas pelada” [get to work], we’ll see each other soon. Be faithful. Keep up with the foundation!”


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