Sr. Gema Menendez, Ecuador:

hnagema1"Don’t you understand that I call whoever I want?"

Sr. Gema Menendez is from Manabi, Ecuador, and is a Servant Sister of the Home of the Mother. She has shared many moments over the last few years with our sisters who have passed away.

I am going to explain how Catalina manifested her desires to consecrate herself completely to God. I lived in Guayaquil at the time, but my uncle was going to be operated on, and so I traveled to Portoviejo to see him. When I arrived, I went to the Cathedral for Mass. I saw Catalina there in one of the last pews. She was spending some time in prayer. I was surprised to see her there, because I didn’t think that she would be there. I went up to her in silence and scared her. She was surprised to see me, and I told her why I was there. We spoke a bit about the vocation. I remember that she said to me, “Sometimes it’s hard to believe.” She was referring to the call that she had experienced. I said to her, “Believe it.”

We went to Mass together. It was funny because the Gospel said that it is God who calls, and the homily was about the vocation and giving everything to God. I remember nudging her in silence with my elbow. I looked at her out of the corner of my eye and I realized that Catalina was very happy. It was if the Lord was saying to her, “Don’t you understand that I can call whoever I want? I want you.”


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