Maria José Zambrano, Ecuador:  Catalina wrote me the following: “If you knew how much God and Our Mother love you, you would cry for joy. Everyone on this handkerchief loves you, but God doesn’t lose in generosity.”

Catalina jugando en la arena

Maria Jose Zambrano, Ecuador: On the handkerchief, she wrote: “Catalina with a C. Thank you for your attention and care. Fight for your ideals! May God’s plans for you also be your plans.”

esta chica es genial800Laura Mero Arteaga, Chone, Ecuador: You learned her name and loved her immediately.

Catalina fuera de la capilla

Sr. Domenica Salazar, Ecuador:  In the video, you can hear the sisters give keys to Catalina. The sisters trusted her completely, because she was very responsable. 


Cristobal Beltran Zambrano, Ecuador:  They recommended that those of us in the library should smile, and be kind and respectful, showing that we had Jesus in our heart.


Maria Jose Zambrano, EcuadorShe knew how to give of herself with love in everything, and she taught us to do the same.

mjose 800x390

Maria Jose Zambrano, EcuadorCatalina and I began a very beautiful friendship. It was so beautiful that I can assure that she was the only person that I felt secure with and trusted.


Denisse Munoz Alcivar, Ecuador:  I remember that at a certain moment, she gave me her hand and said, “I’m Catalina. You can count on me to be your friend. I would be very happy to help you with whatever you need.”

catalina puntos800 390

Gema Vergara:  You could tell that in her life, God was always “her All.”

catalina marta nino

Cata taught me that I had to smile, even on bad days.

Hna. Gema Menendez, Ecuador:

hnagemamenendez cir. I was impressed seeing God’s grace working in her. The mercy and love that Our Lord showed for her seemed so evident to me.

Sr. Gema Menendez, Ecuador:

hnagema1"Don’t you understand that I call whoever I want?"


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